Welcome to Tomato Pie,

Offering one of “the 25 Best Pizzas on Earth,”* Tomato Pie Pizza Joint brings authentic New York style pizza home to Los Angeles.

Tomato Pie A one-of-a-kind combination of fresh product and great service in a friendly, eclectic atmosphere, Tomato Pie serves a mouthwatering pizza—along with other East Coast-inspired Italian dishes—in the same time as those others, but with an incomparable gourmet touch.

Come by for a slice in our restaurants, or place an order and have it delivered to your door. Our pizza is an honest-to-goodness slice of New York heaven, but baked with love and attitude right here in Los Angeles, and probably just around the corner from you.

Hope you enjoy. Thanks for coming. See you tomorrow.™

*Alan Richman, GQ Magazine

Featuring "The Grandma"